• Whenever you ride always wear your helmet, have water with you, a spare inner tube and a small bike pump.
  • Before riding , always check your tire pressure, your brakes and gears, as well as check to make sure your wheels are tight.
  • Always have sunscreen and energy foods.
  • While on the bike trail, watch out for deer, snakes and other people walking on the trail.
  • Bring some ID, some cash and your phone.
  • Always have a lock for your bike.
  • Find some cycling friends.


Bobby's Bike Repair and Sales/ Service

Pedalling the pavement - The need-to-know

about us

At Bobby's Bike Repair and Sales / Service, we specialize in making sure your experience with us is a lasting one.  We are exceptional at what we do, and we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service.

Our specialties include:

  • bicycle repairs
  • buy, trade and sell used bicycles
  • assemble new bicycles and children's electric cars
  • bicycle consignment
  • bicycle accessories & parts

Established in 2013, Bobby's Bike Repair and Sales / Service was built on a passion and a love of bicycles.  When Bobby met Zena, (now his wife) in 2010, she convinced him to turn his passion into a business.  Bobby's Bike Repair and Sales/ Service prides itself on giving high quality service to all.

Our Wish Listfor the Bike Shop


Shop Quality Repair Stands
Metric Combo Box Wrenches

Shop Supplies

Patch Kits
Chain Lube
Hand Cleaning Soap for Bike-greasy Hands
A Bigger Shop
Degreaser (jugs of concentrate are best!)

Bike Parts

Road Bike Tires – 27in and 700c (old school and modern)
Road Bike Wheels – 27in and 700c, Front and Rear
Mountain Bike Wheels – 26in, Front and Rear
Handle Bars
Brakes and Brake Levers
Derailleurs and Shifters
Brake Pads

Accessories for Commuters

Blinky Lights (front and rear)

Bike Jersey's (all sizes)

Cycling Shorts

Cycling Shoes

Water Bottles

Water Bottle Holders