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Welcome to Bobby's Bike Repair and Sales & Service, where you will experience a friendly environment, unyielding customer service, and a passion for servicing our customers.

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Bobby's Bike Repair and Sales & Service can tune-up your bike for $70.00 or youth-geared bike for $40.00. With every new year, comes New Year’s resolutions to get back into shape after all that holiday eating.


Let us service your bike to get you on the road to a healthier new you.

           COVID-19 UPDATE

We no longer offer in-house repair, however, we do offer mobile services on Saturdays only from 9:00 am till 8:00 pm, so we can come to you for a small trip fee of $35.00 and a flat labor rate of $30 (LABOR RATE DOES NOT INCLUDE PARTS).  Just call: 678-559-5233 or email: for an appointment.  You can also contact us via our website.

Bicycle Repair/ Service


We Customize Bicycles

Buy/ Sell/ Trade Bicycles

We Sell Adult Helmets and Children's Helmets

We Have Bicycle Parts and Accessories (new and used)

Assemble New Bicycles

Assemble Adult Trikes

Assemble Children's Electric Cars

We Even Offer Consignment


We are no longer located in Jonesboro, however, we are still contracted to repair bicycles on a as needed basis, at "Play It Again Sports" 35 Hudson Plaza, Fayetteville, GA (770) 460-7511 (in the shopping center with Michael's).


OUR Story

Established in 2013, Bobby's Bike Repair and Sales / Service was built on a passion and a love of bicycles.  When Bobby met Zena, (now his wife) in 2010, she convinced him to turn his passion into a business.  Bobby's Bike Repair and Sales/ Service prides itself on giving high quality service to all.

OUR Philosophy

We constantly strive to offer quality service and expertise to exceed our customers’ expectations.

OUR Experience

We have over 10 years of bike repair and service experience.  We are constantly updating our repair skills by attending free bicycle maintenance clinics throughout Georgia.

Our Excursions

We travel all over Metro Atlanta to service our customers.  We also deliver bicycles to those who are not fortunate to own a vehicle.


Frame-set: In aluminum frames, look for significant dents. These can act as failure points. Carefully check the lugs or welds where the frame is joined together. Welds should be even. Cracking of any kind is a show-stopper. So are bends at the dropouts (where the wheels attach to the frame). There should be no play in the front fork, in other words, no wiggling.

Saddle or Seat: There should be no play whatsoever. Verify that the seat post clamp is free of cracks or obvious distress.

Brakes: Check for worn or dried-out brake pads. Look for cracked or bent brake levers.

Drive-train: Wiggle the crank-set. Side-to-side play indicates worn bearings or an improperly adjusted bottom bracket. The same applies to pedals. If possible, spin the free-wheel or cassette and listen for the chatter of broken bearings. Lift the rear wheel and verify that shifting is crisp through all gears. You should be able to shift into the largest and smallest rear gear without the chain jamming or becoming un-shipped. On bicycles with rear derailleurs, inspect the rear brake hanger for bends or cracking.

Wheels: As with the crank-set, side-to-side play in a bicycle wheel indicates poorly maintained hubs. Squeeze the spokes with your fingers. The tension should feel equal across the entire wheel. Loose spokes indicate serious problems.

Tires:  Are they well inflated? Are they bald? Are the sidewalls cracked and perished? Tires should be inflated hard – they should barely give when you squeeze them.  Tires should hold the rated sidewall pressure. Chain:  If the chain is rusty, look for areas around the chain that may be cracked or worn down.


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Part-Time Working Hours

Saturday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Service calls only

Call or email us for an appointment

We are a work from bicycle repair and sales & service business.  At the present time, we only offer Mobile Repair Service for a $35 trip fee.


(678) 559-5233

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