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Bicycle Specs & Size Chart


Watermelon Bicycle

Frame-set: In aluminum frames, look for significant dents. These can act as failure points. Carefully check the lugs or welds where the frame is joined together. Welds should be even. Cracking of any kind is a show-stopper. So are bends at the dropouts (where the wheels attach to the frame). There should be no play in the front fork, in other words, no wiggling.

Saddle or Seat: There should be no play whatsoever. Verify that the seat post clamp is free of cracks or obvious distress.

Brakes: Check for worn or dried-out brake pads. Look for cracked or bent brake levers.

Drive-train: Wiggle the crank-set. Side-to-side play indicates worn bearings or an improperly adjusted bottom bracket. The same applies to pedals. If possible, spin the free-wheel or cassette and listen for the chatter of broken bearings. Lift the rear wheel and verify that shifting is crisp through all gears. You should be able to shift into the largest and smallest rear gear without the chain jamming or becoming un-shipped. On bicycles with rear derailleurs, inspect the rear brake hanger for bends or cracking.

Wheels: As with the crank-set, side-to-side play in a bicycle wheel indicates poorly maintained hubs. Squeeze the spokes with your fingers. The tension should feel equal across the entire wheel. Loose spokes indicate serious problems.

Tires:  Are they well inflated? Are they bald? Are the sidewalls cracked and perished? Tires should be inflated hard – they should barely give when you squeeze them.  Tires should hold the rated sidewall pressure. Chain:  If the chain is rusty, look for areas around the chain that may be cracked or worn down.

Our Wish List for the Bike Shop

  • Tools

  • Shop Quality Repair Stands

  • Metric Combo Box Wrenches

  • Shop Supplies

  • Patch Kits

  • Chain Lube

  • Hand Cleaning Soap for Bike-greasy Hands

  • Rags

  • A Bigger Shop

  • Degreaser (jugs of concentrate are best!)

  • Bike Parts

  • Tires – 20, 24, 26, 27, 27.5 28, 29 in and all 700c's

  • Chains

  • Road Bike Rims – 27in and 700c, Front and Rear

  • Mountain Bike Rims – 26in, Front and Rear

  • BMX Rims - 20 inch

  • Stems

  • Handle Bars

  • Saddles

  • Brakes and Brake Levers

  • Derailleurs and Shifters

  • Brake Pads

  • Accessories for Commuters

  • Helmets

  • U-Locks

  • Blinky Lights (front and rear)

  • Bike Jersey's (all sizes)

  • Cycling Shorts

  • Cycling Shoes

  • Water Bottles

  • Water Bottle Holders

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